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aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV ℗ SM Entertainment




  • Aespa fighting

    Just MMJust MMPred 59 minútami
  • Am I the only one here who can't accept them at first because I love RED VELVET so much making me to not stan other new groups? But when I watched this MV for atleast 3-5x ~ waaahhh. I'm addicted 🎶 😅❤️ A new group to stan indeed. The maknae is my new baby😅💕 Sorry Irene and RV, makiki-Black mamba muna ako dto while waiting sa comeback niu huhuhu

    Hayma SubairHayma SubairPred hodinou
  • Yo soy blinck de corazón le duela a quien le duela pero realmente no entiedo que les pasa para decir que aespa se parece a blackpink nada que ver blackpink es blackpink y obviamente aespa no se parece a blackpink porque aespa es aespa son cosas diferente porfavor respeten eso blinks

    anyi gamesanyi gamesPred hodinou
  • 나는 그것을 사랑했다 지원 소녀

    사공말로리사공말로리Pred hodinou
  • QUE PERFEIÇÃO!!! ASDOREI!! OBS: Tem legenda em português!! AMÉM!!!

    Natalhia FreitasNatalhia FreitasPred hodinou
  • Horrible

    Panamericano GarciaPanamericano GarciaPred hodinou
    • Quien tu?

      Kpop ShineKpop ShinePred 59 minútami
  • Is this a new band? They aight

    James FoxJames FoxPred hodinou

    who smartwho smartPred hodinou
  • Realmente ni le presté atención a la canción porque el vídeo me distrajo todo el rato, wow, ni entendí, pero se ve increíble y también estaba muy ocupado prestándole atención a la coreografía que te rompe las piernas, ouch no fui yo ese pasito me dolió

    Esparrago filmsEsparrago filmsPred hodinou
  • 5jt✔️ 10jt✔️ 15jt✔️ 20jt✔️ 25jt✔️ 30jt✔️ 35jt✔️ 40jt✔️ 45jt🔜 . . . Fighting MY’s, Sm stand also other fandom who want to stream this💕

    Karina Pangurl1100Karina Pangurl1100Pred hodinou
  • finally a group that uses vapor wave as a concept

    Sun ShowerSun ShowerPred hodinou
  • Lagunya enak banget tiap hari diputer terus bikin candu vocalnya keren 😍😍😍😍

    Irna MayasariIrna MayasariPred hodinou

    KPOPPI'NKPOPPI'NPred hodinou
  • Ignoren todo, está buenísimo

    sofiaa Sty:3sofiaa Sty:3Pred hodinou
  • Please str34m properly MY, our veews been del**te

    Rafager BeatRafager BeatPred hodinou
  • let's get 45M by the end of today

    aespavelvetaespavelvetPred hodinou

    who smartwho smartPred hodinou
  • Uglys👹👺

    박백현박백현Pred hodinou
  • I hate you😑

    박백현박백현Pred hodinou
    • they don't even know you exist but go off

      aespavelvetaespavelvetPred hodinou
  • Pagi pagi sarapannya liat yg cantik cantik auto semangat jalanin hari

    Hasya Anindya NadhifaHasya Anindya NadhifaPred hodinou
  • Watch them become the next big girl group😌

    Noor DjamaiNoor DjamaiPred hodinou
  • In 3-4 years y'all will be saying i cant believe no one liked this song-

    SEulGi thE LiZaRdSEulGi thE LiZaRdPred hodinou
  • Kara mamba bomba gibi geldi

    Elber dj DmrdjElber dj DmrdjPred hodinou
  • The name of the fandom should be Aesthetic , cause the video clip is a whole a new ✨aesthetic ✨

    Noor DjamaiNoor DjamaiPred hodinou
  • im a new stan cuz when i see TALENT i want to see more and support the idols 🗽

    Fire Lord AzulaFire Lord AzulaPred hodinou
  • Ningning is a baby

    MehranehMehranehPred hodinou
  • ^^^^

    FOR•EVER 365FOR•EVER 365Pred hodinou
  • MYs this is our goal before december - 70/80 m vi3ws - 1.9m lik3s - 400k comments Dont forget to vote as well lets get them their first win! fighting

    FOR•EVER 365FOR•EVER 365Pred hodinou
    • Yeess lets get it

      Rafager BeatRafager BeatPred hodinou
  • 여덕몰이 상당할듯

    백루피백루피Pred hodinou
  • This group Their energy The mv The song The editing The talent coming from everybody who made this and the idols Immaculate. 💅

    Fire Lord AzulaFire Lord AzulaPred hodinou
  • the concept of æspa is unlike ANYTHING i've ever seen.. as expected from SM ENTERTAINMENT.

    jeon hee heejinjeon hee heejinPred hodinou
  • when it comes to vocals and visuals, never doubt sm

    dxxderdxxderPred hodinou
  • We're currently 3rd place in STARPLAY app so please keep on voting and downloaded the app so we can give the girls their first win

    greyveluvgreyveluvPred hodinou
  • fighting

    psycho ehekpsycho ehekPred hodinou
  • MY's keeping str3aming till 100m

    FOR•EVER 365FOR•EVER 365Pred hodinou
  • 41,3m

    FOR•EVER 365FOR•EVER 365Pred hodinou
  • いい曲やなー

    小さな勇者小さな勇者Pred hodinou
  • @SMTOWN please let them go on variety shows. Please let them go on Weekly Idol Thank u❤

    Ammaarah PandayAmmaarah PandayPred hodinou
  • Black mambaaa

    Poni RasitaPoni RasitaPred hodinou
  • Wowoowoow so perfect queennn

    Poni RasitaPoni RasitaPred hodinou
  • i really hope there won't be additional members. i like this group just having 4 of them

    dxxderdxxderPred hodinou
  • Wowoowowo queeennn

    Poni RasitaPoni RasitaPred hodinou
  • I am here again and again because I want them to get their first win real quick. Stream MYs. Stan Aespa.

    Fatima FuringFatima FuringPred hodinou
  • Maas 123Maas 123Pred hodinou
  • ㅗㅜㅑ원터 도망쳐

    럽차[골든차일드][러블리즈]럽차[골든차일드][러블리즈]Pred hodinou
  • My don't forget to vote on idol champ they are in 4th place in song of the week.

    Jessylrk 1Jessylrk 1Pred hodinou

    Kartika AstriKartika AstriPred hodinou
  • You know you're becoming successful when people start hating on you

    —Kim HyunJin's EarringCF—Kim HyunJin's EarringCFPred hodinou
  • They are already reciving so muh hate , let's get them 45M today!♡♡♡

    Julia PJulia PPred hodinou
  • I have to watch BlackPink to clean my eyes

    Hasso El AtiHasso El AtiPred hodinou
    • okay then please leave quietly lmao

      aespavelvetaespavelvetPred hodinou
    • instead of throwing hate here, str3am hylt

      dxxderdxxderPred hodinou
    • Why are you even here imao

      Rafager BeatRafager BeatPred hodinou
    • being toxic and annoying won't help blackpink, go str34m hylt.

      # FAIRY# FAIRYPred hodinou
    • Byeee

      ppknpp Khntppknpp KhntPred hodinou
  • 2:10 Abs Winter keren

    dian jendian jenPred hodinou
  • winter

    dxxderdxxderPred hodinou
  • Fuerzaaa MYs, keep str34ming for them! ♡♡♡

    Julia PJulia PPred hodinou
  • Badasss girls very strong Debutant

    Suhani FightersSuhani FightersPred hodinou

    【susu】【susu】Pred hodinou

    Andin WAndin WPred hodinou
  • Perfect Türk yok mu la

    • selalalalaam

      cherry bombcherry bombPred hodinou
  • Who came here after their debut stage performance in Music Bank to stream harder because they are amazing in that performance. 🙋‍♂️

    Agent1Agent1Pred hodinou
  • Yeah incredible...I think they are all my bias but...WINTER GOT MY HEART!! HIS VOICE WOW!!!

    Nanda GomesNanda GomesPred hodinou
  • Ain't gonna lie about how this song has been in my brain repeating "ayayayayayayaya black mamba" for a whole freaking day...😂 Huh💦what kind of magic this song has...?😝 - From : A passed by ELF💙

    Greylynn Shu CoraGreylynn Shu CoraPred hodinou
  • ايش اسم فاندوم الفرقه؟

    ❲ARMY❳❲ARMY❳Pred hodinou
    • MY

      a dreamera dreamerPred hodinou
  • why the views slowly keep streaming guys...

    Alvin SonajoAlvin SonajoPred hodinou
  • Aespa better than blackpink

    Erva ÇiçekErva ÇiçekPred hodinou
    • Dont. Use other groups to bring hate to aespa

      rihan chirihan chiPred hodinou
    • Wbk

      —Kim HyunJin's EarringCF—Kim HyunJin's EarringCFPred hodinou
  • 41,332,178

    Lesleigh A.Lesleigh A.Pred hodinou
  • Copy Videos

    Runng Man 7012 foreverRunng Man 7012 foreverPred hodinou

  • New idol grup?

    Qonitat FadillahQonitat FadillahPred hodinou
    • Yes

      —Kim HyunJin's EarringCF—Kim HyunJin's EarringCFPred hodinou
    • Yea

      filmifilmiPred hodinou
    • Yessss

      LOVARBTSLOVARBTSPred hodinou
    • Yes

      Nailur rohmaNailur rohmaPred hodinou

    Nicholas BagadiongNicholas BagadiongPred hodinou
  • Bueno tú canción esta bonita pero no soporto que Karina crítica a Kai y se copié los consectos se grupos kpop y se copeen de mi reina Jennie 😠😠😠

    Alejandra NuñezAlejandra NuñezPred hodinou
    • Conceptos* y Cuántos años tienes? Haber en que le están copiando a Jennie?

      —Kim HyunJin's EarringCF—Kim HyunJin's EarringCFPred hodinou
  • Winter is awsome btw is that Gp video or Karina Solo Video?

    Runng Man 7012 foreverRunng Man 7012 foreverPred hodinou
  • cantik banget

    Kartika AstriKartika AstriPred hodinou
  • 41 millions views

    Fun FunFun FunPred hodinou
  • Sorry but all korean girls are looking same. I cant understand the difference between groups. They are all looking same. I cant notice if u change the video title to “black pink”

    baruter89baruter89Pred hodinou
    • Your eyes omg need repair

      Rafager BeatRafager BeatPred hodinou
    • Boi you need some glasses then

      —Kim HyunJin's EarringCF—Kim HyunJin's EarringCFPred hodinou
    • Rip your eyes

      Husna HarahapHusna HarahapPred hodinou
    • Then you're just an idiot

      Joe MJoe MPred hodinou
    • Lol shut up

      filmifilmiPred hodinou
  • We just lost 50k vi3ws... this is so annoying

    filmifilmiPred hodinou
    • Peoplr must str34m properly!!!! :'/

      Julia PJulia PPred hodinou
  • I can't listen to this only once a day....

    liablizz _liablizz _Pred hodinou
  • Amazing

    pandapandaPred hodinou
  • Wow

    pandapandaPred hodinou
  • Wow

    pandapandaPred hodinou
  • guyss please vote aespa on starplay..

    Lay KimLay KimPred hodinou
  • Baru kali ini nge stan girl grup semangat bgt

    Husna HarahapHusna HarahapPred hodinou
  • yessss omg this is mf boppp

    Aaron M TomasAaron M TomasPred hodinou
  • 50 juta kuy

    Husna HarahapHusna HarahapPred hodinou
  • They got more views in the first 24 hours than any other kpop debut has managed in their first 24 hours.

    freakinstienfreakinstienPred hodinou
  • you know MYs... ALL THE GIRLS TODAY WERE INJURED ( FANS UNDERSTOOD BECAUSE WHEN PERFORMIN ON STAGE MUSIC BANK THEY SAW INJURIES ON THEIR LEGS) .SO dont you want to stream MV more and vote on idol champ?!!!! it really helps ther girls...dont be lazy and tired..aespa deserves better

    faeze shfaeze shPred hodinou

    Alba Amarillo DesilleAlba Amarillo DesillePred hodinou
  • All the hate comments on here just solidifies their success

    Joe MJoe MPred hodinou
  • 41.309

    giselle uchinagagiselle uchinagaPred hodinou

  • Discord = loveAngel#2686 istek atın.d

    ƘɑղҽƘİ ƘҽղッƘɑղҽƘİ ƘҽղッPred hodinou
  • Without a single survivor show, they already have a fandom name! I love them!♡

    Julia PJulia PPred hodinou
  • I think all AESPA video is trending even in KBS Music Bank performance

    Suhani FightersSuhani FightersPred hodinou
  • 1 mill likes already! im impressed

    flasH20xp saoflasH20xp saoPred hodinou
  • I came bc I saw one of the members quote Paris Hilton as their senior quote... I'm not disappointed

    melsgfmelsgfPred hodinou
  • I like how this is trending everywhere but my own country .... why

    Shawol writing codeShawol writing codePred hodinou
  • Anyone still wake

    Suhani FightersSuhani FightersPred hodinou
  • The camera shouldn't have been that close to Karina's leg😩

    Fiyin AFiyin APred hodinou
  • When I see this songs my minds goes like let's stan them they all are very beautiful and the song is amazing love this song its my type of song asepa is amazing ma ma ma mamba~~

    K-POP EDIT'SK-POP EDIT'SPred hodinou
  • When will Idols finally stop wearing black combat boots with white laces? It's highly offensive to german viewers!

    Bloody CareBearBloody CareBearPred hodinou
    • Wait why?

      —Kim HyunJin's EarringCF—Kim HyunJin's EarringCFPred hodinou
    • Hwuwhushw7wuw

      Julia PJulia PPred hodinou
  • Parece canción de videojuego Me gusta 😎❤️

    Pinchi CuyoPinchi CuyoPred hodinou
  • 🐶🐱🐭🦊🐰🐹🐻🐼🐨🐮🦁🐯🐷🐽🐸🙉🙈🐵🙊🐒🐔🐤🐦🐧🐣🐥🦆🦇🦉🦅🐺🐗🐴🐛🐝🦄🦋🐌🐞🦗🦟🐜🕷🕸🦂🦎🐍🐢🦖🦕🐙🦞🦐🦑🦀🐡🐠🐳🐬🐟

    Mohammed AlnuaimiMohammed AlnuaimiPred hodinou